Banning Cell Phone Use While Driving

Ban On Cell Phone Use While Driving

San Luis police say the ban does not penalize drivers who use a hands-free system such as Bluetooth. Police Chief James Neujahr says drivers will get a warning as part of a six-month transition period. Use of cellphones or texting while driving is Cobourg Police Service has announced that a Distracted Driving Campaign will take place over the month of march. It’s a public-awareness and enforcement initiative aimed at reducing such things as the use of and-held cell phones while driving, which became Gloucestershire’s Police Chief Constable is calling for drivers to be banned if caught twice using their mobile phones while driving and it’s a pain. “I use hands free but I don’t even answer the phone when I am driving. I see a lot of people driving with cell phones at their ear or texting Other communities have a no-cellphone-use while driving ordinance. The state of Montana is working on covering the whole state. There may be a way to word the ordinance to make This is, I think, an appropriate form of government regulation.” State legislators have failed so far every time they attempt to ban any cell-phone use while driving on a statewide basis. Burns has yet to file his bill in the State House of Representatives. “Well there’s a no texting, that’s statewide, you can’t text, but we’ve never been able to pass cell phone “You start banning cellphones, where does it end? You gonna ban my radio because it may distract me while I’m driving?” asked Tim Rogers. .

A pair of bills which take up a ban on driver cellphone use and relaxing Maine’s seat belt because Maine already outlaws distracted driving. The state also already has a ban on texting while driving. Both measures will now go before the full legislature. An insider told Radar Online that it is looking like phone use may have been the root cause of the crash. Bruce has been photographed driving while he is using his cell phone. It is against California laws to drive and use a cell phone or text, but He also was spotted using his cell phone while driving just three days after being involved in the fatal accident on February 7 on Pacific Coast Highway. Drivers in California are required by law to use hands-free equipment while talking on cell phones. Wess Griffin, whose town adopted an ordinance prohibiting cell phone use in a school zone before up to age 18 from using a cell phone while driving. Instead, he favored education efforts. Others say the ban could have unintended consequences. .

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