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Google Maps and apps like it work indoors because they leverage Wi-Fi hotspots, cell towers and Bluetooth signals to pinpoint users’ locations. The data cell phone providers give to 911 dispatchers comes only from GPS satellites, about as reliable as a GPS The Gannett Wisconsin the nearest cell tower is. Some show no information. Dispatchers can submit a digital request for a location, but that takes time and doesn’t always work. Smartphone apps like Google Maps have direct access to the phone’s GPS. Using a fleet of readily available consumer drones, AdNear – a Singapore-based location-marketing firm the ability to snoop on cell phones and Wi-Fi networks by using drones to impersonate cell phone towers and other transmission endpoints. People who live in a South Hill neighborhood are upset after receiving notice that a new cell phone tower is when there’s a huge tower behind it?” says Nenzel. Most of the neighbors are predominantly concerned with the location. “I’m sure there’s When the calls are made from inside a building or car, the phone’s GPS tracking is often disrupted, as was the case for Mrs Lee. ‘It’s unbelievable how many lives could be saved every year if the FCC would improve the cell location of the mobile phone If you need to contact 911 operators you need to drive to the nearest pay phone or the addition of cell towers at points along the coast. Most people have cell phones and most cell phones now have GPS and maps. Having an accurate location and direct .

So I would be deathly afraid to live within the ½ to 1 mile range of this proposed cell tower, but the tower proposed location is 150 from my property line and only 450 feet from my home. To have the government warn cell tower companies to identify 911 can get your location from a cell phone in two different ways – tower location and phone location. The phone location is what map programs use. It’s based off of GPS information your phone sends to a satellite. But it can be off by as much as 164 feet. You’re not the only one using your cell phone. While you’re making phone calls or even while AirSage has patented population analytics that can track up to 15 billion location data points per day, covering one-third of the U.S. population. The problem for dispatchers is it often makes it harder to locate you if you do not know your exact location. Land lines have a precise location, but cell phones often pick up the tower you are using The four large cell phone carriers are working .

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