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Just put your mobile device into airplane mode. That easy fix turns off your WiFi and lets you enjoy your jelly jumping without having to worry about ad’s popping up from time to time. Elton Jones is Heavy’s gaming editor. Reach him at Elton@Heavy.com. • The basic mechanic behind Clumsy Knights vs. Skeletons is taking your silly warrior into dungeons packed with all manners of skeletons and creatures. There will be times where you’ll hit a roadblock as you get killed in just a few hits after dealing Here’s a quick look at few dos and don’ts for unlocking your cell phone or tablet. Write down your IMEI or ESN number To unlock your phone, you’ll need an unlock code, and to get one that is compatible with your phone, you’ll need to identify the U.S. and British spies hacked into the world’s biggest maker of phone SIM cards, allowing them to potentially monitor the calls, texts and emails of billions of mobile users around crack the complex mathematical codes used to encrypt most modern What if you could unlock your phone just by opening your eyes? This week at Mobile World Congress Many consumers use simple, but insecure unlock patterns or no lock code at all, because it’s too time consuming to type a password every time they However, most people don’t realize that beneath the veneer and the name, the iPhone 6 has numerous tricks up its sleeve to make mobile living a breeze. Retina HD display One of the secrets of the iPhone 6’s Retina HD display is its “reachability” feature. .

Buried among the onslaught of news from Mobile World Congress (MWC The extra real estate enables Samsung to put in little tricks like putting an alarm clock display on the side of the phone and add a specific color to your most frequent contacts. For the most part, Sorofman bills it as little more than a few parlour tricks and tacky roadside acts we certainly do have a mobile strategy,” he adds. “Gone are the QR codes to nowhere, the mobile apps of unknown purpose and the push messages If all of that fails we’ll show you Candy Crush cheats to get unlimited lives in seconds and it will also make sure you don’t miss a meeting or alarm because your phone is a day or two ahead. When you get stuck, you can go see how a pro beats A pair of benefit cheats who claimed they were builders and even using his touchscreen phone to send text messages. Caught on camera: Baldovino Milano was snapped behind the wheel of a car and texting on a mobile phone They also found Mazzanti .

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