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Although we think of mobile phones for their primary role in communication, they have quietly become a global identification device. Phone picture from Shutterstock Governments, and their secret services and law enforcement agencies in particular According to a Sparks & Honey report, they multitask across at least five screens every day with mobile phones being their second most commonly So what’s High School Cube’s secret to mobile video success? Relying on a platform powered by the Wowza Just started playing Monument Valley and looking for some tips and tricks to guide you through the game’s impossible mazes? Want to get to some new levels? Then you’ve stopped in the right place. Thanks to House Of Cards, the mobile puzzle game The FBI wants to keep stealthy phone surveillance tools called Stingrays as secret as possible Using Stingrays can disrupt regular peoples’ cell service. In a recently unsealed court document obtained by the ACLU, an FBI agent admitted that Stingray For example, by simply using Google Voice (a free tool) you can forward after-hours calls to your cell phone. Though customers may leave a voicemail, you’ll ensure that you receive the message immediately, so you can respond quickly if necessary. Buried among the onslaught of news from Mobile World Congress (MWC The extra real estate enables Samsung to put in little tricks like putting an alarm clock display on the side of the phone and add a specific color to your most frequent contacts. .

Speaking at the Mobile World Congress this week – the world’s biggest wireless phone fair in Barcelona – the 30-year-old Facebook founder was asked the main thing he looks for in a potential employee. And his answer was as simple as it was significant. Below are the tips, in plain language but it can as well save your credentials. With a plethora of mobile devices today, the smart thing a cell phone owner can do is to lock the device with a four-digit Personal Identification Number, or PIN. You can see your Snapchat score, the total number of snaps you’ve received and sent, on your profile… Other people can add you by pointing their phone at the ghost on use Snapchat >> The post These 16 tips and tricks will take your Snapchat game Cablevision offers $9 a month Wi-Fi cell calls with unlimited data If you find a lost iPhone, Siri will give you the owner’s contact information from phone number to e-mail. Simply ask Siri, “Who does this phone belong to?” Pzizz is an app designed .

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