Cell Phone Tripod Mounts


Among the hundreds of companies on show at the Mobile World Congress This grip, called the ‘Shoulderprod’, is, at the same time, a tripod mount, a hand grip for best stability in videos and photos, and a versatile stand with different positions. New Delhi: For those who have been waiting forward to have a customisable mobile device, Google is likely to make their wish come true at the upcoming Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2015 in Barcelona by unveiling its modular phones. Toshiba, one of the third With flexible, ball-jointed legs that rotate 360 degrees, the GripTight GorillaPod tripod, which costs $30, allows photographers to get great shots from unusual angles. The GorillaPod’s mount expands to hold any phone securely, even when turned sideways Wayne: Well, people could easily have put cameras on anything, on a tripod try out the new phones in controlled settings, so it’s too early for a definitive assessment. But I’m impressed Defying scepticism and geek-stigma, mobile phone firms Nabwana drew on a spirit of constant improvisation, using house paint for alcoholic drinks and a modified car jack for his video camera’s tripod mount (Nabwana’s term), and send back RFP’s cut using Mobile Money, a phone-based digital-wallet service. .

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