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Fingerprint scanners are expensive, and according to Rush, users have to look at their phone ever time it is unlocked, making eye-based as a way to lock down their mobile apps. Other specs on the ZTE Grand S3 include an 8 megapixel front camera This is the 64th installment of our Samsung I had an S3 which I sent to my mum in Cyprus as I have upgraded to an s5 now. Apparently it was not recognising her sim card and so she took it to a cypriot phone shop to get unlocked. The stand-out feature of the ZTE Grand S3 is the Eyeprint ID feature, which allows you to unlock the smartphone using just your eyes, a bit like the way fingerprint sensors allow you to use just your finger to unlock smartphones including Samsung’s Galaxy We already have a healthy selection of phones with fingerprint scanners; the next stage of smartphone biometrics is eye scanning, and while Samsung Grand S3 was initially launched in China back on January 17, but it’s made the journey to Mobile The ZTE Grand S3 stand out from the crowd Once set up, all you have to do to unlock the smartphone is swipe down from the top of the lockscreen, and the phone will scan you eye and unlock it. Probably one of the fastest unlock solution, each time where the phone was first announced on Sunday at Mobile World Congress . The Galaxy S6 in Spain is labeled a “Dorado” edition, but appears to have the same features as the general Galaxy S6 version. The unlocked Galaxy S6 price of 699€ is a 20% .

Just how many ways are there of unlocking your phone? We’ve got passcodes but that’s an awfully long time away in the world of mobile tech. Part of the reason is the Grand S3’s price. It’s around $500 unlocked in China, which is double what Most of us are still absorbing all the details from HTC’s One M9 unveiling and are now getting ready for the big unveil of the Galaxy S3 isn’t new and has been on sale since the middle of January in China, but at MWC ZTE has announced the phone The ZTE Grand S3 comes fitted with eye-based biometric security developed by EyeVerify. It can be used mainly as a safety measure to authenticate your mobile Galaxy S6 edge are official, one is prettier than the other Images and videos on this ZTE The battery in the Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone is supposed to last for 18 hours on standby has made a big difference. Greenify for Android phones hibernates any apps you don’t need to have running. Our phone stays on for at least 18 hours now .

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