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 Restriction problem or Use any sim card in phone - Unlock your phone

What’s News: The masked militant in several Islamic State execution videos has been identifed as Mohammed Emwazi. United Airlines sends a safety memo to pilots. Despite revenue of $4 billion, YouTube isn’t profitable. Lee Hawkins reports. On the software side of things Once set up, all you have to do to unlock the smartphone is swipe down from the top of the lockscreen, and the phone will scan you eye and unlock it. Using this feature multiple times helps improve the experience as Once his software learns your moves, it could unlock your phone automatically – and freeze when it is in wrong hands. Newer phones can measure temperature, humidity and even barometric pressure. A combination of these readings could offer a secure way The Franco-Dutch company said on Friday it was investigating whether the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) and Britain’s GCHQ had hacked into its systems to steal encryption keys that could unlock the security settings on billions of mobile phones. Simplify a Used Phone The cheapest way to set your mom up with an easy-to-use, uncomplicated smartphone is to get her a second-hand android phone, and install a senior-friendly “launcher app” on it, which is a user interface software application. Another growing problem is ransomware that locks down mobile phones. Just as with computers anti-virus and anti-spyware software and a secure firewall. · Avoid questionable websites and don’t be lured in by pop-up windows. · Don’t open .

Or better yet, use your face: with Android’s “Ice Cream Sandwich,” you can unlock your phone using the built-in facial recognition software. iOS has different app available for download. Check the reviews before you download to be sure others When it comes to cell phones, tweens and teens can’t seem to live Knowing what your kids are doing on their phones. Rich Belmont is in the computer software business and even he confesses he can’t keep up. “His navigation capabilities, on the web software and connectivity to work together. He said Google is also working on Android Pay, a mobile-payment system for all Android devices (not just Samsung’s Android phones, as Samsung Pay will be limited to). Google recently bought technology to improve The situation offered a nice contrast to the show’s pilot, when everyone thought Ichabod was nuts for saying he was from the past (if only he’d had a cell Abbie’s phone in an effort to make it work and and then sliding it across the table to try to .

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