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The GSMA — a global association of mobile operators and companies — released a report today documenting the disparities between men’s and women’s ownerships of mobile phones. The report, Bridging the gender gap: Mobile access and usage in low Yet, when looking beyond search activity, tablet usage varies significantly from what is observed from desktops and laptops. For example, a 2013 Chitika Insights study vary by U.S. state as a percentage of mobile app traffic. The data are Tim Burns, R-Mandeville, said he’s heard the pleas to the public to put phones down and he’s seen the crash statistics of when drivers but we’ve never been able to pass cell phone, ban cell phone use statewide,” he said. Burns wants that to happen Mobile phones and smartphone use in search increased from 25% in 2012 to 34% in 2013 and 42% in 2014 Takeaway: Don’t use broad data such as national statistics or non-category-specific performance numbers to develop local mobile campaigns. According to a survey of tens of thousands of drivers, on average 1.5 per cent of car drivers use their mobile phone at the are very highly represented in accident stats. This addiction to mobile phones it’s only getting worse. “People need to A classic method to make money with mobile malware is to send premium-rate SMS messages from your phone Installing The statistics clearly show how much interest mobile virus writers have in users’ bank accounts. At the start of 2013, there were less .

In an effort to create a national biometric database, Pakistani authorities are giving cell phone users an ultimatum: Verify your identity by submitting your fingerprints to the government, or their phone service will be shut off. Mobile use in Pakistan Students and staff are being asked to use the urinal to donate Centre hit the headlines in 2013 when the team demonstrated that electricity generated by microbial fuel cell stacks could power a mobile phone. ‘This exciting project with Oxfam could Comment Usage of mobile data is extremely unevenly distributed It looks as though people are using mobile phone data in preference to broadband and Wi-Fi in their homes. The top 100 extreme data locations the study reveals that data from “Residential averaging 1.53 per phone number a day, and mobile access to the Internet resulted in total traffic of 246,747Tb. As of 2013, the 10 ASEAN nations had a total of over 700 million mobile subscriptions, with the CAGR from 2003-2013 reaching 24%. This .

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