Cell Phone Usage While Driving

 Increasingly Concerned About Employee Use of Cell Phones While Driving

Avi Levy, a lawyer with Ticket911.ca that helps motorists out with tickets, said the law is clear: you can’t use your cellphone while behind the wheel. “If you’re talking on the phone have a coffee while you’re driving or you cannot take care of We all know, now, that drinking and driving is bad, and we’ve stigmatized it. But although most of us know talking on the phone or driving while “intexticated I suppose if you land on him agreeing to use his hands-free at all times it’d Travel down the motorway and, from a high vantage point, see how many drivers you see with their phone in their hand became illegal for an employer to cause an employee to use a mobile while driving. Has that ever been enforced, I wonder? Most drivers know that texting while driving is a dangerous behavior, but many still use their cell phones and other mobile devices when they are behind the wheel, putting themselves and others at risk. Many drivers see distracted driving as risky when ICBC and the B.C. government is in response to the second-leading cause of car crash fatalities in the province — people texting or using their phones while behind the wheel. Though B.C. outlawed the use of electronic devices while driving five years ago New pictures show Jenner driving his Porsche after playing golf in Los Angeles, holding the phone to his ear. In California, drivers are required to use hands-free equipment while talking on their cell phones. Jenner’s Porsche may or may not have hands .

White Van Man is far more likely to use a mobile phone while driving than other road users, official figures have revealed. As many as 2.7% of van drivers in England and Scotland were spotted using hand-held mobiles while behind the wheel in 2014. “Anything that takes your focus away from the road while driving is considered a distraction 40 per cent of all collisions in Ottawa involved distracted driving. The most prevalent distraction to drivers? Cell phone use. Texting drivers are 23 It is now illegal in all provinces but, as with other road safety issues such as seatbelt usage and drinking residential streets; driving aggressively; sleepy drivers; driving after using illegal drugs; talking on cell phones while driving; driving It’s against the law for drivers under 18 to use a cell phone, at all, while driving, and drivers with learner’s permits can’t use handheld cell phones during their first six months of driving. House Bill 80, or the Alex Brown Memorial Act would do the same. .

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