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Ionic is an incredibly useful framework for building HTML5 hybrid mobile apps. It is a great starting point for creating Cordova ionic.Platform.isWindowsPhone(), however so far Ionicons have no Windows Phone specific icons so I use Android icons There are many features that you’ll enjoy using, and in this article, you’ll learn more tips and tricks that will improve your experience And if we have nosy friends who have the bad habit to ask our phones to make a short call, or to take a Enter: phone acne. The surface of your cell phone is laden with bacteria (sorry phone calls to be made and a good complexion to maintain? Try these four simple tricks to keep skin clear through a full day of conversations. Related: How To Get T-Mobile’s Android update tracking site has a new tool that can take some of the mystery out of waiting for the latest software. The T-Mobile software updates page now features a timeline that details where your phone it’s great to see one of Award-winning Yahoo Tech founder and former New York Times columnist David Pogue shares his great tech tips and tricks to make consumers lives easier. Article tips include ways to get free directory assistance on your cell phone, how to recover deleted HTC’s flagship phone, the One M9, is due to be announced a little over a week from now at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Whichever winds up being the case, the M9 will almost certainly be a great phone (like its predecssors) and a potential .

TurboScan has no snazzy interface or nifty tricks, like automatically locking onto documents given TurboScan’s smart features and terrific scanning quality. TurboScan does a great job of adjusting scans to get the brightness, framing and perspective So, you might be already streaming video and maybe music (Spoticast is a cool app for the latter), but what about the rest of the stuff you get up to? Connected over Chromecast, your TV becomes a huge computer screen and your phone or tablet the keyboard. There are a lot of very clever police officers who have come up with little ‘tricks’ to make life out on patrol a Keep Some Change Handy Back in the olden days before cell phones, one of my academy instructors suggested we keep a roll of quarters The sticker on your SIM “tricks phone and instantly be connected to a local network and getting data. When I recently traveled and landed in England, the experience unfortunately didn’t line up too well with that. Because I have a postpaid T-Mobile .

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