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Former NFL player Aaron Hernandez exchanged text messages with the man he is charged with murdering in the hours before the killing took place, according to cell phone records shown in court on Tuesday. Raymond MacDonald, a T-Mobile employee, testified there’s not much you can do if you’re getting poor reception on your phone. In metropolitan areas, it’s a brief annoyance, but head out to more rural locations and crappy signals are a way of life. Consumer-level signal boosters can provide some T-Mobile may use 5GHz airwaves for smartphone connections. Source: T-Mobile. Wireless spectrum is a precious commodity for cell phone carriers along with better signal stability. While T-Mobile has made serious improvements to its network over the GEORGE, Utah, Feb 25, 2015 (BUSINESS WIRE) — weBoost (www.weboost.com), North America’s leading designer and manufacturer of cellular signal boosters, formerly known nearly three-quarters (72 percent) of U.S. cell phone users experience signal Also on Thursday, Patrick Quinn, a T-Mobile engineer, identified the locations of cell towers that connected with Lloyd’s phone, beginning in Boston and moving to the coverage area of the North Attleborough industrial area, in the early morning hours of The new lights and antenna will be installed in 11 weak cell phone coverage areas around The Woodlands, according to The Woodlands Township. The 11 new signal boosters are primarily located along the Lake Woodlands corridor, with one in Market Street .

Wireless phone service certainly Wi-Fi using Sprint and T-Mobile’s network when needed: Google’s planned service would sift through cellular connections from Sprint and T-Mobile and Wi-Fi “hot spots,” picking the best signal for routing calls, texts Google’s virtual mobile network will reportedly piggyback on the Sprint and T-Mobile networks mobile phone networks, Mr Pichai said. Dropped calls may also become less of a problem, as phones will automatically pick the best signal for routing calls BluFlux developed the technology for integration into mobile device protective cases. It is the only signal strength enhancement product built into protective phone cases that measurably alert the user to deploy the booster antenna before they enter The network – which Google is calling “Project Nova” will reportedly piggyback on the Sprint and T-Mobile networks. Pichai said that phones will automatically be able to pick the best signal from the different masts which helps to limit dropped calls and .

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