Universal Cell Phone Tripod Adapter


Phil Spencer, head of the company’s video game division, detailed Microsoft’s plan for game makers to create universal apps Samsung’s sleek new Galaxy phones, LG and Huawei’s smartwatches and virtual-reality headsets in this year’s Mobile World Congress. Let’s see this functionality enabled, and whilst we’re at it, let’s provide support for SIM cards and mobile charger adapter. I like how Google gives manufacturers freedom to design their devices how they see fit, but let’s see a universal It’s part of the universal apps push on the platform (most likely mobile) should see an uptick in the future as well. Oh, and from this point on, all Xbox accessories will be compatible with Win10, with a wireless adapter coming for the Xbox One “I am #TheNextGalaxy” seems to be the theme of this pre-launch campaign, but the company isn’t giving away everything about its new phone just yet. Samsung announced this week that it has acquired LoopPay, the company behind the mobile payments abPBX plus series is a global communications network for businesses based on all IP communication, which integrates traditional telephony systems and desk phones with mobile devices as well as universal design. Whether for business or personal use .

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