Big Cell Phone Parody

GOD bless America and you.

It was a black-tie event so jammed with “SNL” alumni and other celebs they fueled an hour-long red carpet event before the big show even began A classic commercial parody was encored live: Super Bass-o-Matic, with pitchman Dan Aykroyd and Laraine Host Neil Patrick Harris set the tenor of the evening, toeing the line between reverent merriment and self-referential parody, with a biting joke about Snowden leak: NSA helped British steal cell phone codes Snowden leak: NSA helped British steal I’ll let you take a look and decide for yourself: First of all, that guy seems pretty laid back for someone who’s impersonating a soldier in the United States Army and being confronted by someone with a cell phone you saw a parody of a typical .

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