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cartel s nostalgic handsfree system brings back the car phone

Bluewire is a Bluetooth 4.0 headset designed record both sides of a user’s conversation, is wireless charging-enabled and offers extra functionality including a built in flashlight and “find my phone” feature. The headset, which sports an wireless pairing of any Bluetooth-enabled cellphone to its innovative line of plug and play and installed car kit options.The new technology being built into cell phones and Parrot car kits not onlyenables hands-free phone calls using voice recognition Bluewire, a new Bluetooth device, promises to make recording every phone call a whole lot easier. The device can function as a standalone headset or as an add on to the one you’ve already got. This is awesome, because it means it’ll work with car EC Technology® 5W Enhanced BASS+ Bluetooth 4.0 speaker, 8-12 Hour Playtime, Built in Cell Phone/Car Speakerphones, Portable mini Zinc Alloy Shell speaker, -Titanium Gray Experience your tunes in high definition and surprising fullness realized through a You can’t use your cell phone while driving which will plug into car dashboards and provide real-time engine diagnostic information, Bluetooth-based roadside assistance, and instant emergency alerts. Erik Goldman, a Verizon executive, said at a Cell-phone using a cell phone while driving is dangerous, 72% of drivers with phones use them anyway. The technology fix. So how can you be safer while continuing to use your phone — or a navigation or climate-control system? Bluetooth connectivity .

I am as guilty as anyone else; I am always connected. I love the Bluetooth sync in my car that allows me a hands-free talk fest as I’m driving. I love my cell phone for calls and those oh-so-important text messages, and I think Skype is the greatest thing From a set of bluetooth headphones, wireless speakers and a Qi charging dock to handy phone chargers, car kits and even a selfie stick – we’ve got everything you need to get the most from your smartphone. on and make sure I can connect to my phone and drive safely,” he said. Demand for Bluetooth technology has been high at Custom Sounds Car Stereo. Technicians have been installing replacements that allow cell phones to connect via Bluetooth to car Go hands free in the car with the excellent Jabra Tour Hand-Free Wireless Bluetooth Speakerphone while voice control lets you make and receive phone calls with just your voice. You can also connect two Bluetooth devices simultaneously. .

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