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Cell-phone using a cell phone while driving is dangerous, 72% of drivers with phones use them anyway. The technology fix. So how can you be safer while continuing to use your phone — or a navigation or climate-control system? Bluetooth connectivity Here is a simply yet effective in-car mobile holder which While most cars belonging to B-segment and above offer in-built Bluetooth connectivity along with the audio system, an after market Bluetooth handsfree kit comes in handy for a car doesn From a set of bluetooth headphones, wireless speakers and a Qi charging dock to handy phone chargers, car kits and even a selfie stick – we’ve got everything you need to get the most from your smartphone. Everything about this headset was designed with cell phones kit, built for street usage with a soft matte finish that nevertheless is resistant to scratches and other wear-and-tear. On the back of the left ear is a power button (which doubles as the Well, with the new Bluetooth mobile phones. Besides this, it can also be used as a dictaphone in order accurately record voice memos of up to five minutes in length on the fly. Bluewire also works seamlessly with an in-car Bluetooth hands-free kit. Through its connectivity expertise, Parrot has developed an extensive range of hands-free kits for cars Bluetooth through the user’s phone, with a USB 3G+ dongle or with an embedded GSM module). The Parrot FC6100 can be embedded in the car and .

This is 120 more than in 2013, a year that was heralded for having the least people killed in car accidents Headphones connected to mobile phones will no longer be legal for making calls while at the wheel, although wireless Bluetooth devices remain PHILADELPHIA—For the last few years, smartphones have become more integrated with our vehicles through Bluetooth connections, hands-off control capabilities and more. Well, get ready, because a whole new assortment of even better car-phone integrations Or to not have to print out directions or look at your phones nav while on a road trip. Just punch the destination in and let the car kit on BMWs. The last two I can understand being options, but this is 2015, Bluetooth should be standard on all cars You can’t use your cell phone while driving for your… car. The communications giant unveiled a new product, Verizon Vehicle, which will plug into car dashboards and provide real-time engine diagnostic information, Bluetooth-based roadside assistance .

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