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“Eradication of the cell phone menace in the Central Prison Karuppannan, Superintendent, Central Prison for Vellore said the prison harvested 33.5 bags of groundnut comprising 50 kg each from 3.5 acres of groundnut cultivation undertaken with who was on a bicycle, rode up from behind and asked for money. When the victim said he had no money, Del-Cid asked to use the victim’s cellphone. Del-Cid then pulled out the gun and told the victim to either surrender his phone or be shot. Del-Cid ‘I’m not getting help so I left’ Gripping a blood-stained diaper in one hand and a catheter (urine bag) in the other, Shaffrool Hosein yesterday fled the San Fernando General Hospital without being stopped by security. Washington, Jan 11 (ANI): A team of researchers is field-testing their foot-powered cell phone charger in rural villages of the pedal (think of a pedal for a drum set’s base drum, not a bicycle pedal) into circular motion that powers a generator. “I had my purse, bag [and] coffee, and I needed to use my phone, but I was afraid I would drop it on the tracks,” Krupnik said. “I finally sat down and thought ‘there’s got to be a better way to hold your cell phone without worrying you’ll drop As you board, exit, or shift positions, try not bumping people with your body parts/bag/heavy box of stuff you picked up at Once you’ve mastered the art of using a cell phone on public transit with grace and discretion, you can start exploring .

Five years ago, we were in a hurry to change trains on our way back from Davos. In the rush, we left a bag containing an iPad and cell phone. Only once the train had departed did we realise it. A couple hours later, the Swiss Railway Service had located Cell phone records show he called a friend in Chicago less than Shunick has been missing since Saturday when she left a friend’s house to ride her bike home. The family of Daniel Oquendo is not willing to give up as the search continues for the 14 The man walked up to the girl, punched her in the face and then took her cell phone and book bag, police said. The girl refused medical attention. The suspect was seen on surveillance video before the incident. Police describe him as a 25-year-old black ma ‘Didn’t she have your phone a second ago?’” She continued, “The phone was in the toilet!,” she said while laughing. “I put it in a bag of rice, [but] nothing worked.” It sounds like Kim is not too upset with North over the incident — so swee .

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