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?Light Electric Vehicle Association lead instructor, Ed Benjamin offers insights into the infrequent, but always dangerous potential of electric bicycle battery fires. ?For a battery of any sort to catch fire is rare. For an electric bicycle battery to Is your cell phone on the verge of exploding Bartholomew County Prosecutors in Indiana were still gathering information Wednesday about an alleged case of battery involving a postal worker. Dead Car Batteries Everywhere Due To Bitter Cold Temperatures Another option to help your phone stay powered up is to buy a charging case from companies such as Mophie and PhoneSuit. Consumer Reports’ tests show they can nearly double a phone’s battery life. The iPhone 6 battery case engages with the simple press of a button and utilizes 2 No. 1-selling smartphone case source: The NPD Group/Retail Tracking Service: Cell Phone Device Protection/Units Sold 1/2012-12/2013 ©2015 Otter Products, LLC. LAS VEGAS — You may remember a company called Pong that makes phone cases that out with a new iPhone 6 case, the Reach79, that looks a lot like a Pong case, but instead of reducing radiation, it’s designed to boost your cell signal — up to 2x case has a coin cell battery inside,” says Barros. “The goal was a case that is connected without you ever really realizing it was connected. It doesn’t require a power button, and doesn’t take any power away from your phone.” Keep in mind .

In this case, thinner lighter batteries could potentially be used to make nearly any other tech better. Think of thinner cell phones with the same juice you’re seeing now, or even the same size phones with even more juice thanks to this research. Well, I had my doubts as to how popular a phone case that works with only two lenses (thus far The responsive electronic shutter button connects via Bluetooth, and a standard coin-cell battery in the grip powers the button and the sensor. Roughly the size of a lipstick tube and housing a 5200 mAh cell, Monoprice’s battery pack touts enough One of the slimmest of i-Blason’s case offerings, the UnityPower gives you the ability to recharge your phone a single time, thanks to its However, the biggest feature of the Moment Case is probably the inclusion of a dedicated multi-state shutter button, something many iPhone photographers have longed for. This is powered by a coin cell battery and connects to the phone via Bluetooth LE. .

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