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Samsung has announced that it will replace faulty batteries free of charge. The issues range from a fast-draining power pack to the lithium-ion units actually swelling up and pushing against the case of the phone, something we’ve seen BlackBerry devices do This is the best-looking Samsung phone we’ve ever handled connectivity and battery life. The deciding vote surely comes down to your preference of mobile operating system – iOS or Android – and that makes this Galaxy Alpha the perfect Android phone Through T-Mobile prepaid, you can get the phone for $573 outright At least, that’s the case with Samsung’s Galaxy Avant. It features a 4.5-inch display, 1.2GHz quad-core processor, and a removable 2100mAh battery. Most people that want to save Two billion mobile phones were shipped worldwide in 2014 Chinese company ZeroLemon has a line of rugged smartphone cases for Apple, Samsung and LG phones that come with built-in battery extenders. A $69 version for the iPhone 6, called the Rugged A majority of Samsung’s mobile phones are Android-based It features four-inch display, 3.1 MP rear and a VGA front camera and 1,500 mAh battery. The device was showcased at the Tizen Developer Conference in San Francisco last year. Samsung may release several accessories that add extra functionality to the Galaxy S6 rather than loading the phone itself with a ton of different features, according to blog Android.com/pl (via Sam Mobile when your phone’s battery is running low .

Using nanofibers from bulletproof-vest material Kevlar, the scientists found that a thin layer covering a smartphone battery can counter electrical currents. A typical lithium-ion battery—like the one powering your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy device—works Combine stable battery life with the phone’s support of Cat 6 LTE, and users can expect lightning fast connections nearly anywhere in the world. Experts are predicting the Samsung Galaxy S6 will be released during or before the Mobile World Congress “The special feature of this material is we can make it very thin, so we can get more energy into the same battery cell size perhaps phones, tablets and wearables should also take note. Samsung in particular has had plenty of issues with its phone In our benchmarks the Samsung leads on performance, but both are very fast phones (plus Samsung has in the Although the LG G3 has a larger-capacity 3000mAh battery than the Samsung’s 2800mAh cell, it also has a larger, higher-resolution screen that .

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