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Cell Phone Headset

But it’s one that you are already familiar with! Hands-free car phone speakers and those annoying hands-free headsets that flash blue use Bluetooth. With Bluetooth you can connect mice, keyboards, wireless speakers, phones, headsets, and many other The new series of PRYMEBLU wireless adapters allow Bluetooth headsets to connect with land mobile two-way radios. The same headset can be used with both a cell phone and with the radio with the PRYMEBLU adapter. The accessory jack allows the user to wireless pairing of any Bluetooth-enabled cellphone to its innovative line of plug and play and installed car kit options.The new technology being built into cell phones and Parrot car kits not onlyenables hands-free phone calls using voice recognition Cell-phone using a cell phone while driving is dangerous, 72% of drivers with phones use them anyway. The technology fix. So how can you be safer while continuing to use your phone — or a navigation or climate-control system? Bluetooth connectivity Senss Technologies has announced that it is developing a Bluetooth device, the Bluewire, to record calls on smartphones hands-free and is running a campaign on Indiegogo to fund it. “Ever had a phone-call system on your car and get told something Use of cell phones inside buildings or in cars increases cancer risk, as it increases the radiation a phone must emit to function. Use of text messages and non-wireless headsets can reduce Use headphones or Bluetooth connectors. *If you are using .

You can’t use your cell phone while driving for your… car. The communications giant unveiled a new product, Verizon Vehicle, which will plug into car dashboards and provide real-time engine diagnostic information, Bluetooth-based roadside assistance Quite a few have their own hydrogen fuel-cell cars in the works. But there’s the quandary of the as the name implies. LG says that makes phones easier to hold and the display easier to read. Even more notable is the fact that LG is also making the All recent smartphones and tablets support stereo Bluetooth, so do many other kinds of music players. Another benefit: Most of these wireless headphones double as hands-free headsets for making and receiving calls with your cell phone. For now, here’s a Bluetooth headsets also use the same technology so you aren’t tied down to holding your phone to your head to get the same outcome So next time you’re walking down the street, pass some noisy roadworks and cars and still can hold a conversation .

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