Cell Phone Bombings

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The police of the Alagirsky District received an anonymous call about a bomb planted at the police department there they identified the callers as two 6-graders from a local school who had used a cell phone to make the call, Yuga.ru reports. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev allegedly placed a backpack concealing one pressure cooker bomb in front of the Forum restaurant on Boylston Street. He then called his older brother on a cell phone. One minute after that phone call, the older brother allegedly detonated Four buildings at Harvard have been evacuated due to a bomb threat. An Ohio man will spend the next 28 years in jail for a charity scam. A leaked NSA memo shows the company asked U.S. officials to share their contact lists, using the data to establish Greenville Police are asking for the public’s help identifying a man they say stole cell phones from Sears on two separate occasions A man is behind bars after police accuse him of making a bomb threat against his job. A man is behind bars after BRUSSELS: Belgium has deployed troops to patrol its streets after smashing an Islamist terrorist cell planning to kill police officers Pangrati district of the Greek capital. Several mobile phones were also seized. They come after Belgian security two dry cell batteries, assorted cut wires, a mobile phone, a cellular phone charger, an earphone and a gallon of mineral water with gas. “The three arrested suspects were not directly the ones who planted the car bomb but we believe they have knowledge .

Phone taken from cell belonging to Djamel Beghal weeks after fatal attack He served eight years of a 10-year sentence and was released under house arrest in 2009. Paris bombing However, Beghal was soon afterwards sent to another 12 years in jail The alleged cell is also accused of bombings in Karranah on January 12 and Budaiya Highway Seven of the men are accused of providing mobile phone SIM cards used to detonate homemade explosives. The trial was adjourned until February 17 for review. [Related: FBI: Green Township man plotted to bomb U.S. Capitol] Police issued a search warrant and went to his home Wednesday and took four laptops, four cell phones, 2 USB flash drives, a book titled “Beginners Book of Islam,” which had names and phone The caller stated that the bomb would detonate in another ten minutes After some investigative searching, police were able to recover the caller’s last tower hit from his cell phone. The caller was found near his cell phone’s last tower hit .

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