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Fair Trade Commission (FTC) has succeeded in forcing TracFone, a Mobile Service provider to refund its customers’ money over ‘Unlimited Data Plans the mobile carriers in the U.S. have similar limits on their “unlimited” plans. The FTC wants it to be known that they will not stand for false advertising, but as long as the terms of a plan are fully disclosed, carriers for high-speed data or get kicked down to a slower network. T-Mobile currently offers an Unlimited plan Affordable cell phone service company TracFone must pay $40 million back to customers after advertising unlimited-data plans that actually cut off or throttled service after a set amount of data was used, according to the Federal Trade Commission. T-Mobile (NYSE: TMUS ) is at it again. The self-proclaimed un-carrier just made its the Simply Prepaid plans could help give T-Mobile an even bigger edge against Sprint, because they offer unlimited data. As fellow Fool Dan Kline recently wrote If you were seduced by offers of “unlimited” phone data on prepaid carriers like Straight Talk or Simple Mobile only to find your service unbearably slow after a certain point, the Federal Trade Commission has your back. The carriers’ owner, TracFone Cable giant Cablevision plans to take on cellular providers with an upcoming all-Wi-Fi mobile phone service, the company announced coming in at $29.95 per month for unlimited data, talk and text. Those who already subscribe to Cablevision’s Optimum .

The FTC has reached a settlement with TracFone in what could be the first of many refunds for screwed-over customers with so-called unlimited data plans because most mobile carriers in the US have similar limits on their “unlimited” plans, something The FTC announced that TracFone, the nation’s largest prepaid wireless carrier (which operates StraightTalk, Net10, Simple Mobile, and Telcel America) is paying $40 million to settle claims that the company throttled its “unlimited” data plans for users Simple Mobile and Telcel America. Consumers with phones operated by TracFone who had their service slowed or cut will be able to request a refund. The commission sued AT&T late last year over the same issue — promising unlimited data but then allegedly increasing the data included in its plans while still retaining the affordable pricing. “Cricket will now offer the most value of any U.S. pre-paid wireless carrier with 2.5 GB of high speed data and unlimited nationwide talk and text for only $35 per .

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