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“Poor mobile phone signal is damaging the local economy and extremely frustrating for local people, it is absolutely vital that we see a significant improvement in coverage, as soon as possible.” And today, the map looks like it’s live. Head on over to T-Mobile.com/coverage and have a look there’s a notice at the bottom giving you the option check which phones are 1900MHz compatible. You can see that list of 1900 devices here. could soon have improved mobile coverage. The village has applied to Vodafone’s Open Sure Signal programme which provides a 3G signal to areas with geographical challenges meaning a signal from mobile phone masts struggles to reach them. Following POOR mobile phone coverage in large parts of the region will soon be a thing of the past, a Cabinet minister pledged. Culture Secretary Sajid Javid vowed that 90 per cent of the country would boast coverage in two years’ time – dramatically reducing The Government’s landmark deal to improve mobile phone coverage across the Westcountry and the UK is falling apart and promises are being reneged on, Labour has claimed. Shadow culture minister Chris Bryant also called on ministers to offer assurances the same cannot be said for mobile phone coverage. Given that my own family business is based in Powys I know all too well the difficulties that exist in getting a mobile signal in some parts of Wales. From personal experience I know that there is nothing .

Boost is also offering up to $100 off any new phone for customers porting from other carriers and signing up for one of the Data Boost plans. If you don’t port your number you’ll get the first month free instead. Boost Mobile is a brand from Sprint BRIGG and Goole MP Andrew Percy is set to lead a debate in the House of Commons today (Wednesday, January 21) on the need to improve mobile phone coverage in rural areas. Mr Percy has long campaigned for better coverage in parts of his constituency Mobile phone coverage will be “close enough” to 100% once a Government deal with Britain’s four mobile networks to boost signal in rural areas is complete, the Cabinet minister in charge has said. In December, Culture Secretary Sajid Javid announced A FURTHER five small Shetland communities are in line to receive third generation (3G) mobile phone coverage after being shortlisted in a rural “not spot” programme by Vodafone. Following a successful trial in Walls, the mobile phone giant’s rural .

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