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15-year-old passenger killed in single-car DeLand crash in October; car topped out at 105 mph, report says Deputies: Cell phone video taken by one of passengers shows car topping out at 105 mph, and captured the screa After Carley Csonka finished driving The video was shot by the passenger, possibly on a cell phone, showing the hot Italian exotic reaching speeds of over 335km/h (212mph) on the M7 motorway before the driver lost control of the car, at which point, he was going around 312km/h (194mph). Kazakhstan has published an exclusive video from the crash site of the An-2 in Zhambyl Oblast in Kazakhstan’s south last week, Tengrinews reports. The video was made with a mobile phone in the first hours after the crash. It depicts the wreckage and Exclusive video shows classroom cell phone battle Paterson, New Jersey’s public school High School teen, Nikki Kellenyi was a victim of a distracted driving crash. Kellenyi was in the back-seat of a friend’s car when the friend driving ran through Note: Your phone must support HTML5 video or Flash to play videos John Corina told reporters that the crash occurred around 3 p.m. PST in the parking lot of the restaurant in the Los Angeles-area city of Compton and then the driver took off. The Super Bowl combines our mutual love for football, food, lame commercials and, of course, gambling. Experts say more than $100 million will be wagered on a variety of bets that go well beyond the normal scope of who wins and who loses. That seems .

The clip was recorded on a mobile phone by the passenger in the lime green sports car happened on September 5 at 1.50pm but Hungarian police only issued the video this week on the eve of the 36-year-old motorist being charged. The two-door, 5-litre Some witnesses to that terrifying 150-vehicle pileup on I-94 Friday shot some cell phone video before assisting motorists who had crashed. Steel crashing against steel can be heard as truckers and passenger car drivers were unable to stop on the snow Who can forget the bloodcurdling cell-phone footage of a green Lamborghini Huracan losing control at over 300km/h (+186mph) and crashing on a Hungarian highway? The same tipster, who told us about the on-board video released by the cops, now informs us Watch the hilarious video. Ryan Gosling shared a hilarious moment with Russell Crowe, 50, could be seen checking his cell phone by a fence while on a break. New parent Gosling seems to be enjoying fatherhood so far. A source claimed that he sings .

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