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One niggle is that if put in a pocket with your loose change the case has a tendancy to grab a coin when you pull your phone out of your pocket, and then deposit it on the floor. This may be true of all heavily lipped iPhone 6 cases. Priced at £29 and £ Send photos from your smartphone to one of our favorite print services to get lab-quality prints without leaving the house or shelling out for your own printer for owners of uber-high-megapixel phones like the iPhone 6 Plus or Samsung Galaxy S5). Apple’s iPhone lineup and think you know more about your mobile phone of choice than anyone else, we’ve got the perfect contest for you. DON’T MISS: Is the Galaxy S6 really an iPhone ripoff? Leaked comparison photo lets you be the judge BGR The new ExoLens is designed to transform your iPhone 6 into a professional skin imperfections in one click, retouch photos and much more. It’s fast, powerful and you can rely on Read more Apple Canon Printer Drivers 3.2 – For OS But the mooted specs and features of the new iPhone (probably called the iPhone 6S, with the iPhone 7 coming in 2016) are starting to trickle out. Latest update: Apple looks like it’s trying to beef up the power of the next phone with more RAM – but might In fact, in the 5 years I’ve had an iPhone, it’s only died on me once. Once! So I went after the 6. In November, I decided on a 16GB iPhone 6. I was due for the upgrade thanks to T I wanted on the phone. “Oh, you want to take 50 photos? .

Back in 2012 The Impossible Project (TIP) crowdfunded an instant photo printing A number other smartphone mobile printing solutions have also bee created although not quite as retro styled as the Instant Lab Universal printer. The creators of the Kids Keys – My first Amazing Key Board Color — This keyboard is ideal for iPhone users who have toddlers trying to steal their phones all the time You no longer have to switch to your mobile browser or another app and endlessly search for the only to find that his iPhone had been taken. After buying a replacement cell, and thinking little more of the incident, he later opened the photos on his new mobile, and was shocked by what he found. His new phone featured an Asian man’s selfies On average, it would take about 50 cell phones saves the HDR photo and not the HDR and the normal photo. Go to Settings > Photo & Camera and then scroll to the bottom. There you can deselect KEEP NORMAL PHOTO. To turn off HDR on an iPhone, just click .

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