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The collective radiation of five cell phones was strong enough to pop a kernel of popcorn. Imagine what this can do to your head! Created by Lastfools (www.lastfools.com) Made by Tingo (www.tingofilms.com) Media strategy : DBA Interactive (www.dba-interactive.fr) Making Popcorn With Cell Phones Summary: Several YouTube videos apparently show corn being popped by the radiation from an array of cellphones (Full commentary below). Question of the hour: can you pop popcorn with cell phones? A YouTube video closing in on one million views this week purports to show a group of people Johnny Dee: We gathered the phones, placed some uncooked popcorn in the centre and simultaneously dialled them all. The result? Absolutely nothing Smart Wireless Keyboard for Select Samsung Smart TVs, Mobile Phones and Tablets, Read customer reviews and buy online at Best Buy. .

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