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In Minnesota last year, the state says there were 1,208,032 emergency calls where the first location 911 got was the cell tower, not the phone itself. When we made a test call to 911 from inside the 911 Center in St Paul, the locator put us nearly a mile away. GREENSBORO, NC — Your cell phone these days is your lifeline. But we use it for more than making calls. We download apps that tell us where And these don’t always give your exact location. WATCH: 9 11’s Deadly Flaw: Lack of Location Data Melanie With a car locator accessory/equipment you can find your car position by simply calling to you cellular. The signal can be identified using commercial software between two cell phone towers and the car will be located. This method has been used Alex Haro, Co-Founder and President of Life360 share with us their app they developed and created for Windows Phone. Listen in and learn how Life360 can help manage your day to day tasks with a simple download. Family Locator by Life360 is the most In Oregon, operators can’t find the exact location of half of cellphone calls. A software developer saw KGW’s report on Emergency calls from cell phones don’t always provide pinpoint accuracy, sometimes, they just find the nearest cell tower location. Calling 911 from a cell phone can be dangerous to your health. USA Today published a major investigation into “911’s deadly flaw: lack of location data” yesterday when you have apps that have locator services, you’re telling me 911 doesn .

Ericsson’s (ERIC) patents cover crucial cell phone functions, including making and receiving calls, GPS location and some software that controls apps. The licensing agreement ended in January without a new deal, and Apple simply stopped paying for the patents. And now, there’s this: a project from researchers at Stanford University and Israeli defense contractor Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, which can glean information about a cell phone’s location about who—and what software—knows where they Despite hundreds of apps on your phone that know where you are, 911 centers across the country and here on the First Coast don’t always get a cell callers exact location Tran’s app “911 Help SMS” is available for download on iPhone and Android. Convenience is at the core of the free-to-download voice and messaging app Dazu meldet usatoday.com: Lives lost when 911 can’t find cell phone callers. In an era when your mobile phone can tell Facebook, Uber or even video games where you’re located .

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