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Who You Going to Call? Adventure

Microsoft is reportedly developing a brand new location-sharing app named People Sense, which may soon be available for Windows Phone users to download and install from the Windows Store. The app will function similar to the Find My iPhone feature for Mozilla’s Firefox OS hasn’t been a huge success in the smartphone market so far, but the open-source software could get a boost next week with a new phone focused on protecting focused on the location-tracking tools built into most new smartphones. Earlier this month, AdNear, a Singaporean marketing company, flew drones with sensors that could detect cell phone signal strength and WiFi over The usage of drones for location data collection would tremendously reduce human intervention and ease The new capabilities, included in an upcoming MobileFirst update, could give app users more information about their location enterprise mobile applications that tie directly into the data and business logic of backend IT systems. The software is But those against it say it crosses the line of privacy. What do you think about having your cell phone location available during emergencies? It’s tonight’s Feedback at 5:00. Three people are being rewarded for exposing a Northern Michigan medical center Shanell Anderson slid off the road into a pond. She called 911 on her cell phone, but it didn’t give rescuers her location. “For them still not to be able to locate her is insane!” says Jacquene Curlee, Shanell’s mother. Since we reported Shanell’s story .

911 dispatch centers have seen an increase in cell phone calls, but cell phones may not always provide the most accurate location in times of an emergency. The Federal Communications Commission says about 70 percent of 911 calls are placed from wireless LANSING (AP) – The state House is delaying voting on a bill that would require wireless carriers to share cell phone location information with law enforcement during emergencies. The House was expected to vote on the bill Thursday, but Tea Party groups Most Android smartphone owners probably feel secure knowing that apps must ask permission to access their location on a mobile device’s battery use alone. The tracking concept works by measuring the overall power consumption of a phone, but it The vote in the state House on a bill that would require wireless carriers to share location information during emergencies has been delayed. Tea Party groups believe the bill could lead to so-called warrantless wiretapping. Carriers would have to share .

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