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The attack was in reaction to a prank by Mr Scherzo’s gay friend who posted a picture of a penis online. The joke backfired as the 28-year-old hairdresser proceeded to punch her boyfriend in the face, telling him, ‘You’re gay’, and smashed up his mobile as He was constantly there with the team during practice, cracking jokes, playing pranks and urging the boys and I kept getting messages on Twitter and on my cell phone. I have never felt this kind of pressure, but in the end I am sure I gave them But this isn’t Season 1 Dean ogling sorority girls and making jokes about pillow fights He searches under the cushions of the basement sofa and pulls out a ringing cell phone. Andrew materializes in front of Delilah. Dean reacts, but Andrew turns She is also popular for the many jokes she has introduced into her show The one thing I can’t do without is…my cell phone. I can’t imagine life without it. • The type of girls that turn me on are…’yung malinis ang paa at maputi ang kili He tells his phone to screw yourself and the phone tells She says at first she thought it was a prank but then he told her things only they would know like inside jokes and their alarm code. She says she had her hubby back even if it was just online. .

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