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It looks like a charging mat as opposed to a cradle for the phone, which means it could potentially be used with devices that are equipped with wireless charging. Samsung is expected to announce two different versions of the Galaxy S6 and at least one MWC is always exciting for mobile technology fans, but this year the show shapes up to be particularly fun. Where in the past years, some major Android OEMs launched devices outside of trade shows, in 2015 we’re in for a treat – at MWC, Samsung and HTC In the future, Samsung anticipates that UFS will support high-end mobile market needs, while eMMC solutions remain viable for the mid-market, value segments. For random writing of data to storage, the blazingly fast UFS embedded memory operates at 14,000 Another day and yet another leak of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 has surfaced. New images leaked on the XDA Developers Forum claim to show the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge placed next to each other. Why do these images seem legitimate? We’ve heard the rumours that Apple could sign Samsung for the production of its 14nm A9 chip. That that news has yet to be confirmed but today brings yet more news of an Apple/Samsung chip partnership. A report in the KoreaTimes says Samsung has signed and particularly those interested in Samsung’s next big phone, the Galaxy S6; considering that this announcement has come shortly before Mobile World Congress and the S6’s big unveil, it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that the S6 and its .

More recent rumours suggest the firm will also unveil an Edge version of its flagship phone expensive – and that Samsung is struggling to make the screen. According to a source at one of Samsung’s mobile carrier partners in Europe who spoke to NEW YORK, N.Y. – Samsung is buying mobile-payment startup LoopPay as the Korean phone maker steps up to challenge Apple and its payment system on iPhones. The deal strengthens speculation that Samsung Electronics Co. plans to include mobile-payment Samsung has released confirming rumors that the phone would be available with a curved screen. Earlier this month a report suggested the phone would have a flat-screen and curved-screen model and a picture released by T-Mobile shows that at least Samsung’s upcoming phones, the much-rumored Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, may cost more than the iPhone, according to a new report from Ars Technica. Speaking with an unnamed source at one of Samsung’s mobile carrier partners in Europe, Ars Technica says .

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