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Designed by Ryan Ma, the Lenovo Glass Phone not only boasts a

The growth of the market is propelled by the integration of pico projector in consumer electronics such as mobile phones and tablets among others. Pico projectors have undergone several technological advancements due to the continuous demand in the market. These projectors are inbuilt in various devices such as mobile phones, tablets, cameras, etc., and so it is popular as pocket or pico projector. These are miniature video, image or personal digital assistance (PDAs) projectors which could be used in Essentially, it has developed an itty-bitty projector that shines light into your eyes — light that blends in extremely well with the light you’re receiving from the real world. Expense and battery life have likely put paid to any mass mobile rollout of pico projectors so far. That and niche utility. Not everyone wants or needs a micro projector in their phone. But as more functions crowd onto the small screen, a tech that offers The pico projector market is driven by the integration of pico projector in mobile phones and tablets. Another major driving factor is the introduction of pico projector in wearable electronics and the development of HD pico projector and head-up display. Since the advent of laptops, tablets and cell phones, there has always been the speculation that a hi-resolution camera, a projector, a scanner and a tensile capacitive mat which acts as a second touch screen. The system runs on Windows 8.1 (upgrade .

The Chinese mobile phone manufacturer is consistent in producing one-of-a Tablet 2 Pro slate that features an amazing QHD resolution display and built-in Pico projector. This time, the Chinese multinational company is rumored to be developing a new The cube-shaped projector is ultra-portable contact list and pre-registered family members can view the child’s accurate location on their mobile phones. JooN also comes with an ’SOS button’ on its left side. Once pressed, it sends out emergency We have seen a new mobile phone concept and this is the Nokia Lumia 1 which comes The rotating camera does look like that of a projector and it hasn’t been made clear why it rotates. However it is a good looking handset but whether Nokia take any Designed by LA-based startup Beam Labs, this gizmo straddles the line between light bulb and projector. It’s basically a network The accompanying mobile app even allows you to share recorded video right after you’ve finished recording, so you .

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