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Both of them trail the woman as she walks out the door, talking on her cell phone. Police told NBC 10 the man grabbed the wallet from the victim’s open purse as the woman blocked the victim’s view. The suspects walked out of Panera and allegedly took the Two employees reported to hospital security that their wallet and cell phone were missing from their purses kept in the respiratory department. Police said Steve Palmieri, director of hospital security, encountered Hill walking out of the respiratory care “He came up and [demanded] my wallet. He tried to grab my purse. My instant instinct was [to] fight back and not without leaving behind a critical piece of evidence: his cell phone. Two weeks after the assault, Valerie says it’s hard to go out of The Bluetooth tracker to help people stop leaving their wallet or purse behind has become almost ubiquitous That means it doesn’t rely on its distance from a phone or its distance from another person’s phone using the app the way many of the THEY ASSUMED HE WAS ALSO A STUDENT AND HELD THE DOOR FOR HIM. BUT HE HELD THEM AT GUN POINT. THE SUSPECT STOLE A PURSE, WALLET, AND CELL PHONE, THEN RAN TO A GET AWAY CAR WAITING NEARBY. STUDENTS ON CAMPUS ARE FEELING VULNERABLE AFTER THIS CRIME AND HOPE Kristopher Williams, 2400 block of Starr, cell phone from 3700 block of Navarre Ahmed Al-Zaabi, television from office in 8900 block of Dorr. Kyleigh Cadwell, purse with wallet and medicines from vehicle in 6500 block of Centers. .

“Now I can’t take those chances anymore.” The suspect pulled out a gun demanding one student’s purse and the other’s wallet and cell phone. He grabbed the goods and ran to a getaway car waiting on Cougar Place Drive. As the car sped off fleeing south on Then, deputies tracked Naomi Lea Davila down. They say the 34-year old Davila was spotted on surveillance video using the stolen credit cards from the purse. Two cell phones, sunglasses and a wallet were also taken from the bag. However, those two stars were among the many attendees who received Blakesee’s Secure on Style purses in their swag bag for the 57th “I mean, someone could easily take a picture of that on their cell phone and steal that person’s identity. The front door was smashed and a lone male entered the store and stole seven cell phones and one tablet with a total Two employees arrived and provided a list of items stolen, including purses, handbags, boots and cash. Police located a vehicle of .

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