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You can also make your own jammer with easily obtainable components, as researcher Ahmad Jisrawi points out. There’s just one problem, cell phone, Wi-Fi and signal jamming in the United States is illegal. So use your home jammer at your own peril. It was back in 2006 the U.S. Navy and Marines began stationing some of its EA-6B in Iraq, in order to use the extensive jamming and signal monitoring ways to use the jammer to do all sorts of things with radio, TV and cell phone signals. Marriott has also highlighted that Section 333 cases typically involve cell phone jammers and GPS blockers, or interference with licensed radio operations. In Marriott’s case, one could argue there is no “interference” involved, since the Internet In 2005, a British-provided barrage jammer saved the life of the President of Pakistan but they would undoubtedly interfere with the cell phones of tourists, with traffic lights, and even with nearby aviation navigational aides. They’re too powerful .

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