Cell Phone Use While Driving In Florida

 in the movie! Be careful when using your cell phone while driving

In 2012, the Legislature passed the “Ban on Texting While Driving” law, which made Florida one of the last states—41 st —to enact such restrictions. The statute made texting — using a cellphone to send or read a text message — a secondary offense At the end of June 2014, new traffic laws were implemented, including tougher consequences for distracted driving. SGI’s Kelley Brinkworth said the penalties increase based on the number of infractions. “If you are caught using your cell phone for the AUGUSTA, Maine — The Legislature’s Transportation Committee narrowly voted against a bill Friday that would outlaw the use of cellphones or other electronic devices while driving, but there were indications the measure could stand a better chance of It would make it illegal to use Facebook, Twitter, or any internet searches while driving. The original bill made it illegal to use a hand held cell phone, but was amended to allow for phone calls. Senator Tod Bowman says distracted driving is just as bad Bruce Jenner may face serious consequences if police discover that he was using his cell phone at the time of the crash. According to Radar Online, March 2, 2015, Bruce was seen talking on his cell phone while driving at least two times after he was Then there is House Bill 88 introduced by state Rep. Michael Sheehy, D-Oregon, that would ban the use of cell phones while driving in a school zone when children are outside, or in a construction zone during hours of actual work. It also would make use of .

Police are now saying that isn’t the case, but Bruce clearly hasn’t learned a very important lesson: don’t use cell phones while driving! On Friday, Jenner left the golf course, hopped into a fancy Porsche, and sped away while illegally chatting. Cobourg Police Service has announced that a Distracted Driving Campaign will take place over the month of march. It’s a public-awareness and enforcement initiative aimed at reducing such things as the use of and-held cell phones while driving, which became Judge Randall Richmond ruled that to do that, you would have to take one hand off the steering wheel, take the phone, bring it close to A ticket for using a cellphone while driving could run you anywhere from $80 to $100 and three demerit points. Meanwhile, Sen. Steve Urquhart, R-St. George, author of last year’s law, pushed to toughen it this year by proposing to ban all hand-held use of cell phones while driving, and allow only hands-free use. Anderegg said Wednesday that their middle-ground .

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