Cell Phone Use While Driving In Texas

Cell Phone Use While Driving Could Cost You

Cobourg Police Service has announced that a Distracted Driving Campaign will take place over the month of march. It’s a public-awareness and enforcement initiative aimed at reducing such things as the use of and-held cell phones while driving, which became Mia Jones (D-Jacksonville) and Sen. Audrey Gibson (D-Jacksonville)—aim to outlaw all cellphone use while driving, not just the text messaging banned under the current statute. The bills are the latest attempt by state legislators to crack down on the use The fight to enact a statewide ban on texting and driving in Texas is getting still had a phone in their hand. “We know it’s a danger. It’s something we have to stop. We know it happens a lot,” said Egdorf. “Just saying don’t use your phone isn’t The bill would prohibit texting while driving, making it a class C misdemeanor, unless an individual has pulled over to the side of the road. Forty cities and towns in Texas have enacted local bans on using handheld phones while driving, including The signs are posted on 38 city-run roads and 13 streets and highways controlled by the Texas Department will not affect texting while driving laws such as in school zones or the prohibition of bus drivers from using cell phones. For more information “It is time to change the culture that considers it acceptable to use electronic devices while behind the wheel.” Forty-four states now ban text messaging while driving. In Texas, 38 cities his son’s death – the phone call he received from his .

Tomball and Magnolia law enforcement authorities are working to make the roads safer by honing in on two of the most common reasons for car crashes and fatalities—distracted driving and driving while intoxicated prove cell phone use is the cause AUSTIN–Proponents for a ban on texting while driving hope the third not allow police officers to take a cell phone to check if a driver was texting, Craddick said. Drivers would additionally still be able to use Siri and voice-activated texting New pictures show Jenner driving his Porsche after playing golf in Los Angeles, holding the phone to his ear. In California, drivers are required to use hands-free equipment while talking on their cell phones. Jenner’s Porsche may or may not have hands that could work well in Texas. The campaign seeks to make people aware of the dangers of driving while distracted and to encourage them to keep their phones in their pockets or on their vehicle’s seat. Drivers using cellphones behind the wheel have .

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