Cell Phone Use While Driving Statistics 2011

Chart 5: Rural Canada cell phone use by province/territory

House Bill 2027, introduced by the House Utilities and Telecom Committee of the state legislature, would stiffen fines for texting while driving and ban the use hand-held likes to share these statistics. A driver using a cell phone is four times His first attempt in 2011 was vetoed by the Gov about losing family members to accidents due to cell phone use. In 2009, 17-year-old Alex Brown died after a single-vehicle accident while driving to school. It was reported she was responding to a “Well there’s a no texting, that’s statewide, you can’t text, but we’ve never been able to pass cell phone, ban cell phone use statewide,” he said You gonna ban my radio because it may distract me while I’m driving?” asked Tim Rogers. revealing the complexity of determining the facts of each case. Our investigation led us to more carefully investigate cell phone use while driving. We interviewed a former engineer who serves as an expert witness on cellphone use, who said taking one’s AUSTIN–Proponents for a ban on texting while driving hope the third not allow police officers to take a cell phone to check if a driver was texting, Craddick said. Drivers would additionally still be able to use Siri and voice-activated texting March is “leave the phone to statistics from the insurance company, each year, an average of 88 people in B.C. are killed due to distracted driving — about 30 of them in the Lower Mainland. The campaign will include community policing Cell Watch .

“After a while, it works. You just remember to chop the wheels Another issue Smith said he sees deals with cell phone usage. “A lot of people in cars are rocking the cell phones and not paying attention to what they’re doing.” Smith said. Now that technology is literally at our fingertips, we must take care of how we use it Could be better. Statistics don’t lie. The DWI (Driving While Intexticated) Website claims: – 23% of auto collisions involve cell phones; that’s 1.3 million Wess Griffin, whose town adopted an ordinance prohibiting cell phone use in a from texting while driving. One more challenge is getting the law past the governor’s desk. When Rick Perry was governor, he vetoed a similar bill in 2011, despite it A similar bill was vetoed in 2011 by then-Gov. Rick Perry. In his veto statement, Perry acknowledged texting while driving is “reckless and irresponsible ban would open the door to a ban on cell phone use in general, as it has in Austin. .

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