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Walton testified he had met Shea Graham around dusk that evening at a Victory Drive service station, where she left her car, cell phone and purse with some friends He took the gun and put it under a chain in his truck bed, he said. They say she stole a purse from a woman at Publix at 1401 Sam Rittenberg Boulevard The images were captured on a student’s cell phone, according to an email from the Department.We’re A Colleton County substitute teacher is out of jail on bond Larceny and damage to property was reported at Dodgetown Road, Walnut Cove, when $1,500 damage was done to vehicle, $250 chain saw card and driver’s license, $20 purse, $50 assorted make-up and $150 cell phone were stolen. Breaking and entering When she returned, he left and her cellphone was missing. She confronted male and he Report of unlocked vehicle entered while victim was parked at mall in Moreno Valley. Purse containing ID, license, keys and medications is missing. A third woman concealed several bottles of perfume inside her purse and attempted to leave He gave them a Samsung Galaxy 5 cell phone, a blue zip-up jacket, a wallet that contained $20 in currency and three debit cards. One of the attackers snatched Also arrested was a 19-year-old Lauderdale woman whose purse contained a variety of high-end jewelry Officers later recovered plastic bags with suspected methamphetamine, a scale and a cell phone, Hart said. The duo – a 30-year-old Minneapolis .


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