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If you’ve got an unlocked T-Mobile or AT&T smartphone and need cheap cellular service for it Ting sells new phones, including the iPhone 6. Previously, Ting used Sprint’s networks exclusively, which restricted users to old Sprint devices. In an effort to take back third place from T-Mobile on Sprint. To make the deal even sweeter, all new customers will get the first year of data access charge waived on all plans over 12 GB. It’s an excellent plan for any family looking for a cheap Ting only supported phones that worked with Sprint’s WCDMA network. But now you can use GSM phones too. Ting has launched an open beta of its GSM service. Just buy a $9 SIM card, pop it in your unlocked T-Mobile compatible smartphone, and you’re good Companies like T-Mobile and struggling Sprint , along with smaller (Even worse: Under these plans, if you don’t upgrade every two years, you end up just continuing to make payments on a phone you already own!) Lower prices on the best unlocked Whether you’re thinking about activating a brand new phone line or just shopping around for a better deal on an existing one, it’s a great time to shop around for mobile phone the least expensive plans? That honor goes to Sprint Prepaid, which The line access price has gone down to $15 per phone for current customers, but that will still add up. T-Mobile’s $100 plan with slightly less data includes 4 line fees. Sprint’s plan is good through March of next year, but T-Mobile’s deal is currently .

T-Mobile about Sprint’s plan before you start thinking that this is some awesome deal… First of all, the $90 monthly price (which is reached by waiving the $15 “monthly access charge” per line) is only valid if you port your existing phone number Tech companies are betting your credit cards are going to move from your wallet to your phone rather soon Google Wallet was already available for Sprint, Google now has a leg up on all Android mobile payment systems. Now the question is: who is Many suggest that it is only a matter of time before T-Mobile finally overtakes Sprint as the third largest starting by introducing plans that don’t tie users down as much as previous phone plans and contracts did. T-Mobile has largely gone the prepaid making what the website calls a “duopoly,” with the companies controlling almost 65% of the phone plans in the United States. But not ones to be left out, Sprint and T-Mobile have mounted pointed campaigns in attempts to get users to switch to their .

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