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“What’s the address?” The precise address of a land line call automatically shows up on 9-1-1 screens but more than 80 percent of calls these days cell phone calls. And these don’t always give your exact location. WATCH: 9 11’s Deadly Flaw: Lack of There are so many variables on what kind of accuracy you get. Different companies use different techniques to determine your location. The most accurate is a GPS chip in your phone,” Lott said. Most phones now have GPS chips, which have helped better Shanell Anderson slid off the road into a pond. She called 911 on her cell phone, but it didn’t give rescuers her location. “For them still not to be able to locate her is insane!” says Jacquene Curlee, Shanell’s mother. Since we reported Shanell’s story but a company doesn’t need many location data points to identify an individual. Other than the legally unclear use of drones for a commercial purpose, there isn’t anything explicitly illegal about scanning people’s cell phones and WiFi, and then using 911 dispatch centers have seen an increase in cell phone calls, but cell phones may not always provide the most accurate location in times of an emergency. The Federal Communications Commission says about 70 percent of 911 calls are placed from wireless The cellphone call didn’t include location data. It took the operator two hours to find the woman. By the time police got to her house, Ouellet was dead. Take a look at what really happens when you call 911 from your cell phone. While an attempt is made to .

It will help us out,” said Hopner. Hopner said if you must use a cell phone; make sure you know your location. He explained, “It does get to be a difficult situation, but as long as people can tell us the general vicinity we do use maps and other tools Tran says he’s developed an app that will give you a better shot at being found by 911 operators when you call from your cell phone. He says his free app for IPhone and Android called 911 Help SMS, gives you better and quicker location information. In 2014, more than 1.9 million 911 calls in Colorado failed to provide accurate location information quickly to the 911 operator, according to data provided by the Colorado 911 Resource Center. That number represents 35 percent of all cell-phone calls into When a mobile phone is used, however, the system typically shows dispatchers the address of the nearest cell tower in use, rather than the approximate location of the cellphone itself, he noted. Less than 25 percent of the emergency cellphone calls fielded .

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