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BlackBerry Ltd. (BB.TO) introduced a 5-inch (12.7 centimetre) touch-screen “Leap” phone, which comes in white and gray, will cost $275 and be sold via European carriers in April, the Waterloo, Ontario-based company said during the Mobile World LG has decided keep the device’s phone-screen ratio as high as possible. Samsung recently launched its new line of Galaxy smartphones, the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, with fingerprint scanners equipped for the company’s new mobile payment service The same executive who announced that goal — Ron Louks, BlackBerry’s president of devices and emerging solutions — is now teasing a new “dual-curved, all-touch display with a Keyboard—yes a slider device!” at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. LG is planning a high-end phone that outshines its flagship G series in design and polish. A Korea Herald report says Cho Jun-ho, the head of LG’s mobile business with a 5.5-inch screen and 2560×1440 resolution. That’s the same screen size This year, GSMA actually named two phones under its “Best Smartphone” category. These were Apple’s iPhone 6 and LG’s G3 Though Bharti Airtel’s One Touch Internet was named “Best Mobile Service or App for Consumers,” the GSMA’s Judges This week, JDI have announced the world’s first mass produced QHD (that is, 1,440 by 2,560 pixel, or 1440p) LCD panel incorporating in-cell touch appear in the next LG device. There is also an outside chance that the new JDI screen will appear .

At Mobile the Android phone market. The Samsung and HTC phones were announced at the show, and while the LG one was announced at CES, it hasn’t shipped yet. All three are being marketed as “flagship” phones – the ones with the best screens LG used ID for mobile phones to the next level, introducing iris (eye) identification with a prototype smartphone. And Qualcomm Sense brings 3D scanning to fingerprints, showing off technology that uses ultrasonic sensors. Unlike current touch-based This spring’s top-tiers revolve around similar standards, but LG wants to think outside the box. Nevertheless, talking to the Korean Herald in an interview at MWC, LG’s Mobile a larger-screen counterpart based on a given LG flagship phone, but According to Juno Cho, CEO of LG Mobile, the company plans to release a smartphone with In turn, LG rolled out their first chipset in the LG G3 Screen, which debuted in October 2014. The processor in the Screen is called the Nuclun (pronounced NOO .

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