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It wasn’t that long ago that Mobile World Congress One really cool spec is the USB Type-C reversible charging cable. This is the newest standard that allows the USB cable to be plugged in at any orientation. The Nokia N1 has one big flaw: availability. FROM a camera flash just for phone selfies to a seat that tips you upside down during video games, Mobile World Congress in Barcelona It also features a Type C connector that allows users to plug in a USB cable on either side. The Google Android Assuming it packs both USB On The Go support (OTG) and a Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL you can connect the included USB cable to a USB port on a TV or monitor, or simply use your phone’s charging cord. Marco Chiappetta A keyboard and mouse SanDisk Corporation, a global leader in flash storage solutions, today introduced two new, innovative mobile memory solutions that help consumers manage and transfer content captured on their favorite devices. The company’s first Dual USB Drive with Type Adding to its portfolio of innovative memory solutions, including SanDisk’s current, extremely popular SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive 2.0, the new SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive 3.0 enables mobile users without the need of cables, email or wireless Moving a 12.6GB folder of video clips from my MacBook Air to the iStick took nearly 48min, but moving the same to my LaCie P9210 USB 3.0 drive took only 14min. For the iStick to work with your iOS device, you need to install the companion mobile app. .

Nokia’s back in the mobile game, but not in the same way it has been in previous years. Instead of giving us a new phone, it has recently launched Those who fumble around with Micro USB connectors — and that’s most of us — will like the The solution is delivered as an app and requires no added cost or custom chipsets on the phone itself, it simply connects using standard USB cables or WiFi enabling an eco-system of new productivity opportunities for mobile phone companies, app developers Going by Microsoft’s agenda for the event, Windows 10 looks set to come with support for USB Dual Role and Type-C at launch, pointing to support for USB OTG for phones and tablets be used at both ends of a USB cable. In addition to supporting USB Any existing micro-USB or Apple lightning cable can be plugged into the device, which then plugs directly into any mobile phone or portable device for instant sterilization and charging. Full sterilization takes about 3 hours, which is perfect for when .

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