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a lost Android phone required you to log into Android Device Manager from another computer or mobile device to conduct your search. From a comparison standpoint, it wasn’t an optimal solution compared to the Find My iPhone app, for example. This new Losing your phone can happen easily. Unfortunately, finding it again can often be not so easy. Google has just made the search process a little Previously, it was necessary to install the Android Device Manager app to locate a lost Android phone If you have an Android phone and have no idea where it is at the moment, there’s an app for that. Google announced Thursday that its latest version of Google’s Search app for Android will include a feature that will attempt to pinpoint a lost phone’s the Google search can locate your phone from across town. You’ll need the Google app’s latest version installed before you can try to search for your Android phone, and you need to make sure that your phone and your browser are both logged into the same For those on the #TeamApple bandwagon, their smartphones and other Apple devices have been privy to the “Find My iPhone” app for new way that Android users can get in on the phone fun easier, with Google Trends reporting that the search term The iconic Windows Phone app design involved swiping left and right for navigation while using the app bar at the bottom for app actions like search, or send message. Other mobile operating systems like iOS and Android have typically used the top of the .

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Search for Android is about to get a nice update. The search feature will now prompt users to install apps that are relevant to to help users locate a missing Android phone or tablet computer. and type “find my Android phone” in the Google search bar. By accessing the user’s current location and triangulating their phone’s location, the app tells the user where their device is. Users will be able to send a “ring” to their phones The feature for now is only available with devices that run Google’s Android operating tend to go to specific apps. Google introduced App indexing in late 2013, which let the search engine index content from a select number of apps and link to tweak to Google Search results that will now let you know if a search result is indexed in an Android app, and will prompt you to download that app if it isn’t already on your phone. It’s a great way for publications to get new readers, and for .