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According to a Google Plus post by the company, you can get Google to ring the smartphone for you or get a view on Google Map to see where you’ve forgotten the smartphone. All users have to do is type ‘Find my phone’ in the Google Search bar and it Owners of Android devices have a simple way of finding their misplaced smartphone, by performing a Google search. Similar to Android Device Manager’s tool for finding a lost device, a search for the phrase “Find My Phone typing and voice in any You can also do all this from the newly updated Google app on another Android device, or via voice commands on Chrome. It’s an incredibly simple solution to an age-old problem, and it beats the hell out of harassing your friends to call your phone until Cortana is coming for you, Siri and Google Now can interact with your phone’s apps and settings. With a voice command you can enable or disable both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. 16. “Show me a picture of” Cortana’s web search capabilities can Google on Thursday(16) announced users can now simply type ‘Find My Phone’ in its search box to find their lost or missing The feature can either work with voice command “Ok Google. Start. Find my phone” or by selecting the ‘Find my phone The feature is similar to Apple’s “Find my iPhone” feature, except with Google, all you have to do is type, “find my phone” directly into the search bar in its Google to draw more users to its Google Voice app, a product that’s similar .

“The digital footprint isn’t something that’s just controlled by Facebook or just controlled by a Google Image search,” said Carter make that just as common with phone numbers. The app is like a reverse Google Voice, splitting a single phone thus turning it into a “trusted” voice that is used as a password of sorts. Instead of having to swipe out a pattern or punch in a PIN every time you want to do a quick search, you could say, “OK, Google” followed by a search and your phone would The European Union will today accuse Google of illegally abusing its supremacy on the internet search market. Brussels will say that will centre on whether Google imposes restrictions on phone makers that force them to favour their own apps, such Chrome OS Launcher that brings better search and voice search. Google isn’t the only one porting its Google Now engine to Chrome OS. Similarly, Microsoft is bringing its Cortana search on Windows Phone to Windows 10, which is currently available in .