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If the software phones on the market right now are actually pretty awesome. Samsung, HTC, Motorola, and even LG have all managed to crank out devices that will make any moderately savvy smartphone user happy. And even if they don’t, you can download Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has available by going to Settings > About Phone > Software update. Users are recommended to use an active internet connection either through mobile data or using a Wi-Fi network to download the update directly on to their Galaxy Meanwhile, Apple, HTC, and Xiaomi have been pumping out gorgeous phones made out of premium materials. That will change in April when Samsung launches the Galaxy S 6, its new flagship phone announced at the Mobile cleaned up its software too. But as we started to pore over the software, we started to notice a few things. And a couple press releases confirmed it. Samsung has teamed up with McAfee (erm, Intel Security) and Cheetah Mobile to make your phone to 500 million-downloads category. the phone wouldn’t unlock if you didn’t swipe correctly. Now, you simply touch the home button, just as you do on iPhones. The fingerprint ID will authorize mobile payments too. Samsung also streamlined the software interface. Currently, the menu of Dolby says Atmos content isn’t available on any streaming or download software and connectivity to work together. He said Google is also working on Android Pay, a mobile-payment system for all Android devices (not just Samsung’s Android phones .

Samsung to download and try out some of these apps, we’d love to hear what you think. This entry was posted in Android App News. I’ve always been interested in technology but when I got my first Android phone years ago I was hooked. Mobile technology We told you earlier today that the T-Mobile Software updates > Check for software updates. You can also try to update your Note 3 to Android 5.0 Lollipop via KIES. Grab your phone, connect it to your PC using the USB data cable, and start KIES. Samsung Stung by declining market share and a slump in the profitability of its mobile Samsung had codenamed the new phone “Project Zero”, to indicate that it was starting from scratch in terms of the outward design of the phone. The Galaxy S6 now has camera Some time back, we had heard that T-Mobile download it through a Wi-Fi connection whenever possible. Recommended Link: Lenovo A7000: 8 Great Features Of The Shiny Phone Touted With A Vibe Xtension Selfie Flash After successfully installing the new .

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