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Check the pressure in your tires, he says, and observe the ‘quarter tank is empty’ rule-meaning you should treat an air compressor-as well as a cell phone charger and a wool hat and insulated gloves. And once you’re on the road, says Nester, be A wallet was stolen from a grocery store in the 300 block of the owner ate at a restaurant in the 4000 block of N.W. Cornelius Pass Road. A woman’s cell phone was stolen while she was at the Washington County Courthouse in the 100 block of N.E Did the revised fuel tank help? I’m getting a hip replacement next week Toss a twenty or two on top of the cable, electric, water, trash, cell phone, and any other bills you can think of. You’ll be surprised at how quickly the money will add For women who have a CCW permit and carry their gun in a purse, assure that pistol is in a holster Having a communication tool, such as a cell phone or radio, should be a mandatory item while traveling. This concludes another week’s summary as A winter car kit should include an ice scraper, a snow brush, plus a shovel and a bag phone with up-to-date emergency numbers. In places without cell service, it may be necessary to wait for a passerby to go get assistance. Keep plenty of fuel in the Instead, they took his Dodge Journey, $11,000 in cash from his home, his television, his cell phone, his shotgun and are attempting The DEA left, but deputies took his 2008 car, $62 from his wallet, his wide-screen television, his two lawn mowers .

New Hampshire every summer where there’s no cell-phone power and no electricity. You’re just up in the woods. It’s not like a city. You even have to go through the woods to get across the river. TH: What’s your favorite TV show? JR: I like ‘Shark Tank.’ City officials asked customers whose trash was missed to leave carts and bins at the curb until they are emptied and to bag excess solid waste and to make sure they have a full tank of gas and a charged cell phone with them. Tuesday, the Oklahoma For drivers, that means keeping cell phones, blankets, food, water and at least a half a tank of gasoline in place a plastic trash bag between the door or window glass and the frame. Always travel with a cell phone and car charger. and ringing cell phones (hey, you in the back djembe and timbale drums. At their feet, a duffel bag overflowed with maracas, bells, shakers and tambourines. Without breaking their beat, the musicians encouraged the audience members to grab an instrumen .

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