Texting And Cell Phone Use While Driving Statistics

While Others Applaud Cell Phone Use Driving Ban, The Auto Channel says

Using a cellphone, even if it is hands free, is like driving drunk – and texting is even worse, a cell phone expert says has compared cellphone use to alcohol use. Levitan agrees. While talking on a phone, he said, a person’s brain works to 429 of the citations were for texting. Of that number, 54 were commercial vehicle truck drivers using their handheld cell phones to talk. While passenger vehicle drivers are allowed to talk on a cell phone while driving, commercial drivers must use a hands In the March 1 edition of The Sun, in your article on the difficulties of enforcing the ban on texting proof that many cell phone users find it difficult to discipline themselves into avoiding the distraction of the phone while driving, I believe SAN LUIS, Ariz. — In late March, this city will be the first in Yuma County to ban the use of cellphone and texting while driving, or riding a motorcycle or even a bicycle. The San Luis City Council on Wednesday gave final approval to an ordinance that AUSTIN–Proponents for a ban on texting while driving hope the third not allow police officers to take a cell phone to check if a driver was texting, Craddick said. Drivers would additionally still be able to use Siri and voice-activated texting Bruce Jenner was recently involved in a fatal accident where it was thought that the Olympian may have been texting. Police are now saying that isn’t the case, but Bruce clearly hasn’t learned a very important lesson: don’t use cell phones while driving! .

Police officers must be able to directly prove cell phone use [driving while intoxicated incidents], but the [statistics] don’t show it because when you go to the scene of a DWI [accident] you can tell alcohol has been involved versus a person texting. Local police officers have seen plenty of ways people can distract themselves while driving. Shaving ranks among the oddest and most frustrating to law enforcement. But texting while driving ordinance prohibiting cell phone use in a school zone before We have developed this resource to be a wealth of information related to the dangers of cell phone use behind the wheel. We invite the citizens of New Jersey to visit www.JustDrive.com to help put an end to talking and texting while driving. “Well there’s a no texting, that’s statewide, you can’t text, but we’ve never been able to pass cell phone, ban cell phone use statewide,” he said You gonna ban my radio because it may distract me while I’m driving?” asked Tim Rogers. .

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