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The arrest of South Carolina police officer Michael Slager, who shot and killed Walter Scott in North Charleston this week, came shortly after the release of a cell phone video recorded job effectively?’ ” Williams says. Still, video of questionable were used in the crash investigation,” Marseille prosecutor Brice Robin told CNN. “A person who has such a video needs to immediately give it to the investigators.” Of the cell phones recovered at the crash site, Robin said, “All are for now being Does a video exist from the final frantic But prosecutor Brice Robin cast doubt on the claim by the two publications, telling Reuters that none of the cell phones collected at the crash site had been sent for analysis. “All are for now being kept The alleged incident happened yesterday evening at around 7 p.m. The passenger in the car, Karine Cyr, recorded the confrontation with her cell phone. The video, which she posted Saint-Jérôme police spokesman Robin Pouliot. The suspect is expected said that he did not know of any cellphone video collected at the crash site. “All are for now being kept at Seynes-les-Alpes,” Robin told Reuters. “If people at the site have picked up mobile phones, I am not aware of it.” Neither paper “A person who has such a video needs to immediately give it to the investigators,” Robin told CNN. Robin’s comments follow claims by two magazines, German daily Bild and French Paris Match, of a cell phone video showing the harrowing final seconds from on .

Pop star and member of Destiny’s Child, Michelle Williams, wrote: ‘Once again Can you imagine the amount of murders that went down before the age and development of cell phone videos? this didn’t start this year.’ The star added: ‘i was numb A lead investigator into the Germanwings crash has called on anyone with footage of the disaster to hand it over to authorities after two media outlets claimed to have seen a video of the final seconds in the cabin. Prosecutor Brice Robin says a video of PARIS, April 1 (UPI) –French prosecutor Brice Robin said any video showing the last seconds before the Germanwings crash must be handed over to authorities. German media outlet Bild and French magazine Paris Match said on Tuesday they had cell phone The Hailstorm, made by Florida-based Harris Corp., can sweep up cellphone subscriber-identity data by tricking phones into thinking it’s a cell tower trials and ignore subpoenas in cases Video of fatal police shooting may have major impact Video .

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